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About Tortle

Get to know the revolutionary infant head positioning beanie created by Dr. Jane Scott

The Beanie for Your Baby’s Health

Fight Flat Head Syndrome with the Tortle

Tortle is the low-cost, active solution to an epidemic of massive proportions. At its heart, Tortle is a comfortable beanie that helps to eliminate Flat Head Syndrome and its associated medical problems.

Beneath the surface, you’ll see Tortle is much more than a beanie; it actually functions as a medical device that provides your baby with constant care, so she has the best chance at normal, healthy development.

The Tortle is effective and adjustable, helping to actively shape your baby’s head as you both go about your day.

Treat Flat Head Syndrome With Tortle

What Tortle Parents Are Saying:

  • “I love it, it's cute and it works. My granddaughter doesn't like it all that much, but if it keeps her from having to wear a helmet, she will just have to get used to it.”
    — Jennifer
  • “I did a lot of research about this. I worked for an ob/gyn when I ordered this and several people recommended it for flat spots.”
    — Michael Skoog
  • "This hat works great for littles. Once your child is old enough to know they are being repositioned, they may not tolerate it. I do think this cap kept us from having to get a helmet for my son who had mild flattening at birth."
    — Amanda C
  • “I got this as a gift for my new neighbor. The baby loves it and you can already see the positive results after 10 days of use...highly recommended and extremely affordable.”
    — Gift for New Neighbor
  • “Having twins and being a first-time mom, I wasn't experienced with ‘flat head.’ After using for a few weeks, my son's head is reshaped.”
    — Madeline
  • “This product helped my baby very quickly. I would recommend it to anyone concerned about flat head.”
    — NickelmommyLove
  • “Well, just putting it on his head and changing sides every 3 hours is amazing.”
    — Jaqueline Verdugo Castillo
  • “Was recommended for my son & definitely was a big help while he was in his crib or swing!”
    — Wendle76
  • “Absolutely love how it turns my son's head so he doesn't get a flat spot."
    — Beenie weenie
  • “My son has severe torticollis and flattening of the right side of his head because of it. This helps him straighten his head. It works great.”
    — Jen
  • “I use this product for my son who has a flat head, it works really well. We do not use it at night, just during the day. My son doesn't seem bothered by it.”
    — Sarah Tipton
  • “My baby has a flat side on his head and was recommended to wear this hat. The best product ever. It stops my baby from turning on his flat side.”
    — Pattie Cake
  • “This product helps ease a mama’s nerves about developing flat spots on their head. Amazing product.”
    — Hannah D.
  • “My baby has a pretty serious head twist and was starting to develop a flat spot. This hat prevents him from turning his head and his flat spot is improving!”
    — Jules
  • “My twin boys both had flat spots on their heads from always sleeping on the one side. I bought this beanie and within a week I could already tell a huge difference. It's almost back to normal. I love this product!!”
    — Alyssa

Fight Flat Head Syndrome head-on

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