The Tale Behind Tortle

About the Tortle Head Repositioning Beanie

The story behind the Tortle head repositioning beanie is one of love and care.


As a mother and a doctor, Tortle’s creator, Dr. Jane Scott, knows that new parents have enough to worry about. Dr. Jane herself is a mother of four. She knows first-hand the fear that permeates the parenting experience, which is why she set out to design a device that would help relieve some new-parent worry and promote health and wellbeing in new babies.


The result? The Tortle, a cotton head repositioning beanie that helps to prevent your baby from developing Flat Head Syndrome and helps alleviate the symptoms should your baby already have this condition.


Unlike other products, the Tortle is not a passive product, but rather it actively addresses the root cause of Flat Head Syndrome, and provides an unparalleled consistency of care for babies once they come home.

Dr. Jane Scott | Creator of the Tortle Repositioning Beanie

Get to Know Dr. Jane

Meet the innovative doctor behind Tortle, Dr. Jane Scott.