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Beat Flat Head Syndrome!

Does Your Baby Have Flat Head Syndrome?

Fight Flat Head Syndrome with Tortle’s revolutionary head repositioning beanie.

Learn Why Tortle
is the Best for
Your Baby

What’s Tortle, you ask?

Tortle is a simple, comfortable beanie that helps with Flat Head Syndrome.

The Tortle is effective and adjustable, helping to actively shape your baby’s head as you both go about your day.

It’s more than a hat, it’s a medical device that provides your baby with constant care so she has the best chance at normal, healthy development.

And unlike other products, such as flat head pillows, Tortle travels easily with you and stays in place, so you can actively help to reshape your baby’s misshapen skull or even prevent Flat Head Syndrome from occurring in the first place every moment of your on-the-go lifestyle.

Whether your baby is laying in a car seat, sitting in a stroller, playing in a bouncer, or napping in a crib, the Tortle head repositioning beanie is there to combat Flat Head Syndrome by keeping her head off her preferred position. Early and correct use of Tortle will aid in achieving the best long-term results for your baby.

  • Using Tortle in Your Home | At Home Treatment for Flat Head Syndrome


    Your moms and dads have enough to worry about— the shape of your baby’s head shouldn’t be one of them. Tortle is here to help parents rest easy, working with you to improve Flat Head Syndrome in your baby.
  • Treating Flat Head Syndrome With Tortle in the Hospital


    Tortle integrates with all the complex cares in the Hospital. NICU staff love working with Tortle Midliners in the NICU and PICU.

Using Tortle in Your Home | At Home Treatment for Flat Head Syndrome
Treating Flat Head Syndrome With Tortle in the Hospital


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Repositioning Your Baby to Treat Flat Head Syndrome

Flat Head Syndrome occurs when a baby spends too much time with their head in one position while lying in a car seat, stroller, or bed.

This constant pressure on a specific part of their soft skull can cause a flat spot to form on their head. Sometimes a baby also has tightened neck muscles which ‘lock’ their heads into this position and help perpetuate the flat head spot.

To treat Flat Head Syndrome, it is necessary to remove the constant pressure on the flat spot.  When this constant pressure is no longer focused on one small area of her head, then the head will return to its natural shape as the baby continues to grow. 

Repositioning is the most common way to treat Flat Head Syndrome.  The Tortle is a medical device that is FDA cleared to reposition and reshape a baby’s head and fight Flat Head Syndrome. 

Repositioning Treatment for Flat Head Syndrome With Tortle
Example of how to use Tortle to reposition a baby’s head off of flat spot

Tortle provides revolutionary head repositioning capabilities.

Try it today.