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Respiratory Attachments & Accessories

Improve your quality of care with these Tortle Respiratory attachments and accessories.

Tortle offers a comprehensive line of respiratory attachment and accessories that assist doctors and medical staff by providing quality medical devices they can count on in the complex care of sick preemies, newborns, and infants up to 6 months adjusted age.

Tortle’s medical devices provide convenience and accessibility, as they seamlessly support and integrate into fast-paced care environments, without getting in the way of the critical procedures being performed.

From innovative, effective Bili Bans to comfortable chin straps, Tortle offers the functional medical devices that hospitals need and the quality that they can count on.

Tortle Repositioning Beanie With Bilibans

The Aviator Bili Bans

The Aviator Bili Bans eye protector provides a versatile solution and exceptional eye protection for neonatal phototherapy and from strong lights used for procedures.

Not only do Tortle’s Aviator Bili Bans successfully block light from affecting a baby’s eyes during phototherapy, but they provide various other benefits.

  • Benefits

    • Attaches directly to the Tortle Midliner, so there’s no need to apply glues or tape to infant’s face
    • Remains securely in place thanks to a unique, revolutionary design
    • Is extremely versatile, as it conforms to any head shape thanks to easy-to-use, adjustable tabs
    • Provides unsurpassed protection from phototherapy light
    • Safe to use
    • Comfortable

  • Details

    • Promotes correct positioning and optimal protection of baby’s delicate eyes from phototherapy light
    • Attractive new style of bilishade
    • No back-strap

  • Sizing

    Tortle’s Aviator Bilibands are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Tortle Repositioning Beanie With Chin Straps

Chin Straps

Tortle now offers a soft, conforming, breathable chin strap made out of a soft nylon fabric and foam blend.

A Tortle chin strap attaches directly to the Torte Midliner, and is ideal for use with nasal CPAP and other devices.

  • Benefits

    • A Tortle chin strap attaches directly to the Tortle Midliner, so there’s no need to apply tape to infant’s face
    • Convenient and integrative, as the chin strap works alongside nasal CPAP and other devices
    • Remains securely in place
    • Safe to use
    • Comfortable

  • Details

    • Made of a soft nylon fabric and foam blend.

  • Sizing

    Tortle’s chin strap is available in two sizes. The sizes are small and medium. They are generic enough that the staff will chose which they feel is best for the size of the baby.

Tortle Repositioning Beanie With Medical Respiratory Attachments

Respiratory Attachments

Tortle offers a range of small accessories to attach all brands of nasal CPAP and nasal cannulas.

Tortle medical devices provide medical professionals with several options for securing respiratory devices, including the Toploader, Goalpost CPAP “keys,” nasal cannula “keys,” and some manufacturer-specific solutions for securing nasal CPAP.

The kits from Tortle provide a NICU nurse, respiratory therapist, NNP, and a neonatologist with the necessary attachment straps to secure nasal CPAP interfaces of different brands.

  • Benefits

    • Respiratory attachments can be used directly with the Tortle Midliner, without the need to change out CPAP bonnets
    • Simple to attach
    • Convenient
    • Integrative
    • Remain securely in place
    • Safe to use
    • Comfortable

  • Details

    • Made of foam, Velcro, and nylon
    • Sold separately in cases of 10 units

  • Sizing

    One size fits all

Bring Tortle attachments & accessories to the babies under your care.

Check out our list of distributors to see how you can bring the benefits of Tortle’s respiratory devices and attachments to your critical patients.