Neuro-Protection & Development

Support critical neuro-protection and development needs with Tortle medical devices

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The medical minds behind Tortle have created and designed medical devices that support neuro-protection and developmental care programs.


The Tortle Midliner is ideal for supporting your hospital NICU and PICU’s neuro-protective and developmental programs.


This revolutionary beanie offers precise infant head positioning, lateral boundaries, and provides support for “minimum stim” care, which is so important to your patients’ positive outcomes.

Tortle Midliner Overview


  • Tortle Midliner is a Class 1 medical device.
  • The device is soft, pliable, and non-toxic.
  • It helps provide a simple way to consistently support a premature baby’s head within the necessary, appropriate boundaries throughout her stay in the NICU.
  • The Tortle Midliner is compatible with the respiratory and feeding devices and the procedures that go on within a NICU. This versatile medical device allows hospital staff members to easily perform head ultrasounds and x-rays, use continuously monitoring EEG and NIRS, and to perform scalp IV’s when needed.
Tortle helps you provide your patients with the best possible care.

Check out our list of distributors to see how you can get Tortle’s medical devices in your hospital to support neuro-protective and developmental programs in the NICU and PICU.