Respiratory Devices: Ventilators, Nasal CPAP & Nasal Cannulas

Tortle accessories support the complex care of babies in the hospital environment.

infant on ventilator

Tortle supports the vigilant care of babies in need of respiratory assistance through a range of innovative products and accessories that are all compatible with the crucial equipment within a hospital environment.


The Tortle Midliner is easy to use and requires less manipulation than most devices on the market. This medical device is designed to help you quickly and effectively secure a range of respiratory devices to a patient, often without tape.


Additionally, Tortle offers a range of small accessories to attach ventilators, nasal CPAP, and nasal cannulas in a manner that won’t disturb or irritate the patients.

Tortle Midliner Overview


  • Tortle Midliner is a Class 1 medical device.
  • The device is soft, pliable, and non-toxic.
  • The Midliner is designed to hold most of the respiratory equipment used in the complex management of sick infants, including nasal CPAP and cannulas, and helps to stabilize the head of infants who are intubated.
  • The Tortle Midliner is easy to use and requires less manipulation than most devices on the market.
  • Tortle offers several options for securing respiratory devices, including: the Toploader, Goalpost CPAP “keys,” nasal cannula “keys,” and some manufacturer-specific solutions for securing nasal CPAP.
  • They are simple to attach.
  • The respiratory devices and attachment kits provide the necessary attachment straps which NICU staff members use to secure nasal CPAP interfaces of different brands.
  • Tortle’s respiratory devices and attachments are used directly with the Tortle Midliner, without the need to change out CPAP bonnets.
  • Sold separately in cases of 10 units.
Provide your patients with the best possible care

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