Tortle Air

Tortle Air for Hospital and Home Flat Head Syndrome Treatment

Support the back to sleep program with the Tortle Air

The Tortle Air is a lightweight beanie with a single support roll designed for the babies who are “back sleeping,” either in the hospital or at home. When at home, a caretaker should remove the TortleAir when the caretaker is sleeping. However, this device may be used for baby’s short naps when the caretaker is awake.


The Tortle Air’s single support roll provides caretakers with optimal positioning capability and promotes safe, optimal head repositioning.


It has a Velcro front opening to minimize infant handling and help reduce stress, as well as elastic side tabs to ensure a proper fit.


The Tortle Air is an effective positioning aid to ensure proper head repositioning, which helps to prevent and manage cranial asymmetry and head preference issues.

Benefits of the Tortle Air


  • A Tortle Air will help babies to eliminate or avoid brachycephaly and plagiocephaly, as well as torticollis, as it actively repositions a baby’s head in many different positions.
  • With a Tortle Air, caretakers can give a baby the best chance at developing a well-rounded head for the future.

Who benefits from the Tortle Air?


  • The Tortle Air is designed for preemies/NICU graduates, and even healthy infants who require therapy, and are up to six months adjusted age.
  • The Tortle Air is an FDA-cleared positioner for a baby to be used prior to discharge and in the home once he or she is discharged.
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