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Tortle for Medical Transport

The Tortle Midliner is ideal for medical transport. Many neonatal transport teams have reported that infants wearing a Midliner during transport seem to experience less vibration of their heads, less noise, and are more stable during transport. They have also reported that the ETT seems more secure when the baby’s head is in the Midliner. Many teams are also are using the Midliner to help prevent IVH which occurs with increased in frequency with medical transport of micro-preemies.

We recommend that you use a Tortle Midliner in the delivery room when stabilizing sick infants who will require transport. The Midliner will effectively hold the infant’s head in the midline for easier resuscitation, whether this includes bag and mask, Neopuff, intubation, or the attachment of early nasal CPAP. The Midliner integrates easily with all devices that your DR or Transport teams are likely to need and it avoids a great deal of unnecessary manipulation for the baby at a high risk time.

Provide your patients with the best possible care

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