Tortle’s line of medical devices provides physical therapists with a system that will augment their therapy and help to reduce the time it takes to resolve a problem.

Tortle Air for Hospital and Home Flat Head Syndrome Treatment

Tortle Air Overview

Discover how the Tortle Air will support your patients as they work towards resolution of their problem.

  • The Tortle Air is a lightweight beanie with a single support roll for safe head repositioning.
  • It is an effective positioning aid to ensure proper head repositioning which helps prevent cranial asymmetry.
  • Tortle Air can also be used to help prevent head preference issues.
  • It has a Velcro front opening to minimize infant handling and help reduce stress.
  • The device has elastic side tabs to ensure a proper fit.
  • The Tortle Air is used for infants up to 9 Kg.
  • Tortle supports the AAP’s back to sleep guidelines.

Check the Facts

Tortle and physical therapy versus physical therapy alone in infants with flat head syndrome

Take a look at this study to see how much more success and relief you can provide patients with plagiocephaly when you integrate a Tortle into your physical therapy program, rather than doing physical therapy alone.

Check the Facts - Tortle
Bring the Benefits of the Tortle Head Repositioning System to Your Patients

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