Tortle Midliner

Tortle Midliner Head Repositioning Treatment for Flat Head Syndrome


  • The Tortle Midliner is an important part of your IVH bundle, as it allows you to position and hold small babies (<1500 g) in a variety of neutral, midline positions.
  • The Tortle Midliner is revolutionizing the way sick infants are cared for, as it requires less manipulation than most devices on the market and eliminates the need for adjustments that are disruptive to a healing baby. As a versatile medical device, the Tortle Midliner is compatible with the gear and procedures that go on within a NICU and allows hospital staff members to easily perform head ultrasounds and x-rays, to continuously monitor EEG and NIRS, and to perform scalp IV’s when needed, with maximum accessibility and minimal interruption to the patient.
  • It helps provide a simple way to consistently support a premature baby’s head within the necessary, appropriate developmental boundaries throughout the baby’s stay in the NICU. With the Tortle Midliner, micro-preemies are managed in the neutral position during the first three or more days after their birth. Thanks to the design of this device, it’s possible to hold these tiny infants’ heads in a neutral position, even when they require respiratory support, central lines, or are undergoing a medical transport.


  • The Tortle Midliner is an adjustable, soft beanie, designed with two support rolls made of polyurethane foam
  • Single layer construction is highly breathable and fits securely
  • Manufactured from a blend of 95% cotton/ 5% Lycra and PU foam and a high-grade medical fabric designed to be breathable and Velcro-receptive
  • Lined with soft foam for comfort
  • Designed with versatile materials that are highly compatible with attachments, including: CPAP, nasal cannulas, feeding tubes, and more
  • The materials are all tested to ensure that they are nontoxic to the infant
  • Has a Velcro front opening to minimize infant handling and help reduce stress
  • Hand wash cool water (can use the baby bath and baby soap)
  • Air dry


The Tortle Midliner is designed for premature babies, and is available in three sizes, based on head circumference.


This medical device is designed to be used from birth until an infant is mature enough to graduate from their warmers to an open bassinet, and they are in “Back to Sleep.”

The Tortle Midliner is used for the smallest premature babies to infants up to 2.5 Kg.


Size ELBW:

  • 17 to 22 cm head circumference
  • Case # 65911

Size MP:

  • 22 to 30 cm head circumference
  • Case # 65901

Size P:

  • 30 to 38 cm head circumference
  • Case #65903

US Patent #8096304   |   Additional US and International Patents Pending

Let them develop more correctly with minimum stim

The Tortle Midliner medical device is the most integrative solution for providing a minimal stim environment for premature babies. Get it for your patients today.