Tortle Air

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by Tortle
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  • Medium: 15"-16½” 

  • Tortle Air for Newborns - Birth to 1 Month

    Light as a feather, the Tortle Air provides your newborn with the most advanced positioning aid for managing Flat Head Syndrome. It does so by gently deflecting your baby’s head to different areas while lying down against a flat surface, such as a mattress, car seat, or stroller. Though the Tortle may look like your average baby beanie, the completely unique positioning roll helps reposition and reshape your baby’s head, avoiding the development of flat spots.

    Tortle Air Benefits & Features

    • Ideal for baby’s first month 
    • Grows as your baby does
    • Actively shapes baby’s head 
    • Prevents and corrects Flat Head Syndrome 
    • Promotes healthy neck muscles
    • Positioning roll to help reshape the back area of your baby’s head 
    • Adjustable elastic tabs
    • Next generation, single layer construction
    • Designed by an experienced doctor
    • 95% cotton, 5% Lycra and PU foam  

    Tortle adheres to the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics for Safe Sleep practices and the prevention of SUIDs.

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    Tortle Helps Prevent & Correct Flat Head Syndrome

    How to Wear Your Tortle Air

    Tortle Testimonials

    Bought this for my grandson. He would only want to turn his head in one direction, and it left a flattened area. This helped get his little head shaped back to normal.

    Lee Ann

    It works!!! Been using it on my three month old for a week and have seen lots of improvement. Held up well on the delicate cycle in the washing machine.

    Kelsey L.

    My son favors looking to his right and his OT suggested getting a Tortle since he was developing a flat spot. It has been a great tool to help him look to the left and keep him from worsening the flat spot.

    Meg F.

    Our 3 month old was starting to develop a flat spot on the left side of his head. I have used this for a week and I can already see a difference. We tried a pillow but he kept rolling off of it. This seems to do the trick.

    Lizette V.

    Great solution for any flat head issues or torticollis.