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Repositioning Tips - Tortle

Tortle Product Safety Tips

  • Do not leave beanie on overnight when baby is unsupervised (when parents or caretakers are sleeping)


  • Reposition the support roll every two to three hours


  • Make sure the beanie is snug, but not too tight


  • Make sure the beanie is the right size for your baby

Product Care & Instructions

If your baby’s flat spot is on the back of their heads:

Place the Tortle so that the support roll is right on the back of the head, close the front opening and with the beanie brought down over baby’s ears close the adjustable tabs for a snug fit. Baby’s head will now need to be positioned to the side. Alternate the side you turn baby’s head each time to use the beanie.

If your baby has a flat spot more to one side:

Place the Tortle beanie on your baby’s head with the support roll on the flat spot (probably will be positioned midway between your baby’s ear and the back of your baby’s head. Close the front opening and pull beanie down over the ears. The tighten the adjustable straps for a snug fit.

Product Care

  • Hand or machine wash with cold water on the gentle cycle
  • Air dry

Printable Measuring Tape

  • For an accurate head measurement, place our printable measuring tape across the forehead of the baby and measure around the full circumference of the baby’s head. All you’ll need is a printer, a pair of scissors and clear tape!
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