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Take care of your tot with the Tortle

Tortle Product Safety Tips

  • Do not leave beanie on overnight when baby is unsupervised (when parents or caretakers are sleeping)
  • Reposition the support roll every two to three hours
  • Make sure the beanie is snug, but not too tight
  • Make sure the beanie is the right size for your baby

Product Care & Instructions

Product Instructions

  • Place the Tortle beanie on your baby’s head with the support roll midway between your baby’s ear and the back of your baby’s head
  • The beanie should fit snug
  • After 2-3 hours (or after feeding), reposition the support roll in a similar position on the other side of your baby’s head (midway between the other ear and the back of the head)
  • To help remember on which side to place the roll, follow your breast feeding schedule or alternate wearing a bracelet on your wrist

Product Care

  • Hand or machine wash with cold water on the gentle cycle
  • Air dry

Printable Measuring Tape

  • For an accurate header measurement, place our printable measuring tape across the forehead of the baby and measure around the full circumference of the baby’s head. All you’ll need is a printer, a pair of scissors and clear tape!

Tortle provides revolutionary repositioning capabilities.

Try it today.