The Tortle head repositioning beanie is a proactive solution from a problem that now effects very large numbers of babies.


  • Helps All Aspects of Flat Head Syndrome
  • Designed by an Experienced Doctor
  • Helps to Develop Healthy Neck Muscles
  • Keeps Baby’s Head in Optimal Positions
  • Actively Addresses Baby’s Needs
  • Tortle Travels with You and Baby
  • Provides Consistency of Care
  • Low-cost, Effective Solution


We’re on a mission to give all babies the best chance.

Today, 50% of babies born in the United States develop Flat Head Syndrome.

That’s a scary number, we know. And we know that all you want is for your baby to be happy and healthy in your loving home. So don’t let the numbers scare you.


Though it can lead to a variety of conditions and complications, Flat Head Syndrome is preventable, treatable, and extremely common.

This is why Tortle’s founder, Dr. Jane Scott, created the revolutionary Tortle. She designed this innovative beanie to not only help babies with Flat Head Syndrome, but also to prevent the proliferation of this condition and effectively stop this epidemic in its tracks.

I would definitely buy this product again!

“My twin boys both had flat spots on their heads from always sleeping on the one side. I bought this beanie and within a week I could already tell a huge difference. It’s almost back to normal. I love this product!!”


— Alyssa


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