Meet the Mother, Doctor, and Innovator Behind Tortle

Dr. Jane Scott | Creator of the Tortle Repositioning Beanie

Dr. Jane Scott knows babies, and she knows all the love, stress, fear, and fulfillment that come with caring for them.


Born in Kenya, Dr. Jane attended the University of Western Australia in Perth. After moving to the United States, she attended the University of Colorado Medical School and completed both a residency in Pediatrics and a fellowship in Neonatology at Duke University, all while simultaneously raising four young children.


She then became a staff Neonatologist at Denver’s St Joseph’s Hospital, where she remained for six years. After this, Dr. Jane was recruited to build Twin Falls, Idaho’s St. Luke’s Magic Valley Hospital NICU from a Level 1 to a Level 3A unit. She eventually returned to Colorado in 2011 with the inspiration to improve the wellbeing of babies everywhere.


As a mother and a doctor, Dr. Jane possesses a blended experience of Neonatology and Pediatrics; she has cared for and saved the lives of patients so small they can fit in the palm of your hand and those beaming with pride over their recent potty training.


Dr. Jane has spent 30 years working in and around NICUs. During this time she has experienced first-hand the difficulties of and the need for quality infant positioning with sick infants.


Her vast experience in caring for patients both premature and newborn, and even through adolescence, made her uniquely qualified to create the Tortle.

The Doctor Is In:


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Ask Dr. Jane FAQ

Over the last ten years, Dr. Jane has become acutely aware of the unexpected consequence of the “Back to Sleep” campaign, a well-intentioned movement that set out to decreases Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS): Flat Head Syndrome.


Since the implementation of the Back to Sleep campaign in 1992, the occurrence of Flat Head Syndrome (also known as Brachycephaly/Plagiocephaly) has increased by 600%. This issue now affects 50% of young babies during their first few months of life— even healthy newborns— and over time can result in cognitive and motor delays, as well as other medical problems.

The Tortle Head Repositioning System Made by Dr. Jane Scott
The Creation of the Tortle Head Repositioning Beanie

After realizing that there were no good options for dealing with this epidemic, Dr. Scott took matters into her own hands.  She broke out her sewing machine and began working on a solution. And after years of research and development, the Tortle came to be.


Dr. Jane invented the Tortle head repositioning beanie, an FDA-cleared, stylish knit beanie designed to provide a simple, cost-effective way to help alleviate Flat Head Syndrome and its associated consequences in babies 0-6 months.

Learn more about Flat Head Syndrome and how Tortle is on a mission to stop it in its tracks.