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What Parents Need to Know

Finding the Perfect Fit

Providing the perfect fit for your baby's head is essential to the effectiveness and quality of care Tortle produces.

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What Tortle Corrects

Every baby is at risk of developing Flat Head Syndrome. At Tortle, we want your baby’s life to have the best and healthiest beginning. Doing so starts with understanding and preventing the risks. So, what is Flat Head Syndrome?

Tortle Safety Tips

Do not leave your Tortle beanie on overnight when your baby is unsupervised. (When parents or caretakers are sleeping.)

Remove the beanie every 3-4 hours when your baby awakes for play, feeding, and changing.

Place the beanie back on with the support roll correctly placed when your baby returns to rest in a carrier or crib.

Make sure the Tortle beanie is snug, but not too tight.

Make sure the Tortle beanie is the right size for your baby.

How to Reposition

Learn our Tortle tips and tricks to promote your baby’s healthy head and neck development.  

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