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Watch Tortle Founder, Dr. Jane Scott, demonstrate how the Midliner supports neuro-protective & IVH protocols & helps hospital teams achieve better outcomes.

Put a Stop to Your Baby's Flat Head Syndrome with Tortle

Through her journey both as a pediatrician and as a mother, our inventor Dr. Jane Scott vowed to relieve new parents' worries by fighting Flat Head Syndrome—well, head-on. Unlike other options, the Tortle is an FDA-cleared soft and snug beanie for your baby, working diligently to eliminate aspects of Flat Head Syndrome and avoid other medical problems that could develop.

Small in Size. Large in Effectiveness.

The Tortle AIr—the Doctor-designed, FDA-Cleared Corrective Beanie
that helps prevent Flat Head Syndrome & the development of
its associated medical issues—is now available in limited quantities of size SMALL!

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The Perfect Fit Finder

Providing the perfect fit for your baby's head is essential to the effectiveness and quality of care your Tortle produces. As a result, be sure to print our Perfect Fit Finder below and follow the instructions to measure the correct circumference of your baby’s head. 

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Solutions for Better Results

Tortle Medical Devices like our outpatient corrective beanies are designed to help correct and/or eliminate two of the most prevalent medical issues experienced by infants.

Flat Spots & Torticollis

By three months, flat spots affect nearly 50% of babies born in the U.S today. Flat Head Syndrome forms from too much time laying on one spot of the head. Babies are typically at risk within the first six months of their life, and if left untreated, become susceptible to future health risks. Tortle provides your baby with preventative and corrective care.

Babies who develop Torticollis do so by laying their heads too long in one position, resulting in unbalanced neck muscles. This can often require costly physical therapy visits to overcome. The Tortle gently encourages babies to turn their heads to different sides, helping to avoid the problem even before it begins.

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Tortle Talk — See What Parents Are Saying

“My son has severe torticollis and flattening of the right side of his head because of it. This helps him straighten his head. It works great.”


“My twin boys both had flat spots on their heads from always sleeping on one side. I bought this beanie and within a week I could already tell a huge difference. It’s almost back to normal. I love this product!!”


“This thing is a life saver!!!! I will forever be grateful I found it! Probably saved me lots of money in physical therapy and anxiety.”

“Our Pediatrician advised me to get it as my daughter's head was starting to flatten on one side. She wore this for a couple of weeks and then no longer needed it as she was actively moving her head in every direction. She did fuss a lot with it, especially at first and then just because she wasn’t able to move her head to the direction she wanted. Would definitely get it again if I needed to. We got the medium size and my baby was about 2 months at the time.”

“When I had my pediatrician look at the flat spot, she recommended the tortle cap and I am so glad she did. Have been using it for about 1 week now and already see a big difference, head is slowly correcting itself. It’s an easy fix and better to do early on before it gets worse/more serious.” 

The Tale of Tortle

It begins with a simple question—How can we help more babies?

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FDA Advises Parents Not to Use Head Shaping Pillows While Tortle Beanies Stay Safe

On November 3, 2022, the U.S. Drug and Food Administration (FDA) issued a warning advising parents not to use infant head shaping pillows. Tortle Corrective Beanies, on the other hand, remain a safe and effective method for correcting infant head shapes.

Having been cleared and categorized by the FDA as a Class-I Medical Device—completely separate from head shaping pillows—the Tortle Lucky Elephant (available in Medium and Large sizes) is not classified as a hat, but a cap device—a different category, cleared by the FDA.

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Expert Created

Discover the story of a doctor's dedication to years of research and hands-on working experience with community babies as well as with hospitalized infants. Dr. Jane Scott developed the best—and only—medical repositioning device available. Inspired by the well-being of parents and their babies, the story behind the Tortle is one of love and care.

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Tortle in Hospitals

Tortle designs medical devices to help correct a variety of issues in a wide range of care environments. In addition to our outpatient corrective beanies, the Tortle suite of products designed for in-hospital use, including the Tortle Midliner and Tortle Midliner MAX, support protocols, fit with respiratory devices, and are primarily used by nurses and therapists in NICUs. 

Did you know the Tortle Air Lucky Elephant is an HSA & FSA eligible health-related expense? Find the right size, purchase your baby's Tortle Beanie, save your receipts, & ask your care or insurance provider if you can be reimbursed!

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