Tortle for Hospitals

The Tortle repositioning system helps support the health and regular development of even the most critical NICU and PICU patients.

Designed to Care

Tortle’s medical devices are designed to assist nurses, doctors, and pediatric physical therapists as they care for their patients in the delivery room, during medical transports, in NICUs, PICUs, Transitional Care Units, and chronic care units.

Tortle products provide extensive benefits for infants who are hospitalized. These medical devices specialize in neuro-developmental care, easily integrate into existing protocols and procedures, and make it easier to enact said procedures.

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How Tortle Helps Hospitals

Neuro-Protection & Development

The medical minds behind Tortle have created and designed medical devices that support neuro-protection and developmental care programs. The Tortle Midliner is ideal for supporting your hospital NICU and PICU’s neuro-protective and developmental programs. This revolutionary beanie offers precise infant head positioning, lateral boundaries, and provides support for “minimum stim” care, which is so important to your patients’ positive outcomes.

Cranial Asymmetry & Head Preference

Tortle medical devices help to combat cranial asymmetry and head preference. The Tortle Midliner is extremely effective for the easy, effective positioning of all premature infants. Additionally, Tortle offers Positioning Plans in the form of bedside cards to support positioning protocols.

NICU IVH Bundle Integration

The doctors behind Tortle understand NICU intricacies, potential complications of prematurity, and how important the first days of life are for neuro-protection and development. As a Class-1 medical device, the Tortle Midliner acts as an important part of your IVH bundle, helping NICU doctors and nurses avoid potentially poor neurodevelopmental outcomes for micro-preemie patients. As part of an IVH bundle, the Tortle Midliner offers optimal positioning capabilities and decreases the need for handling of micro-preemies. It holds neutral positioning to support positive outcomes, even when patients require respiratory support, central lines, or undergo a medical transport.

Ventilators, Nasal CPAP & Nasal Cannulas

Tortle supports the vigilant care of babies in need of respiratory assistance through a range of innovative products and accessories that are all compatible with the crucial equipment within a hospital environment. The Tortle Midliner is easy to use and requires less manipulation than most devices on the market. This medical device is designed to help you quickly and effectively secure a range of respiratory devices to a patient, often without tape. Additionally, Tortle offers a range of small accessories to attach ventilators, nasal CPAP, and nasal cannulas in a manner that won’t disturb or irritate the patients.

Tortle Has Nationwide Medical Distribution

The Tortle Midliner medical device is the most integrative solution for providing a minimal stim environment for premature babies. Find the Tortle Medical Device Distributor nearest you.

Tortle Outpatient Care

Infant positioning, which starts in the hospital, can continue even at home with the help of the Tortle beanie.