Our Story

Our Tortle Tale

Inspired by the wellbeing of parents and their babies, the story behind the Tortle is one of love and care. Thus, the beginnings of Tortle sprout from a seed of passion, planted by parents everywhere with one simple request—the best for their baby.  

So, what grew from our little seed? A one-of-a-kind, cotton head repositioning beanie, playfully known as the Tortle. Unlike other flat head fighting products, the Tortle actively addresses the root cause of Flat Head Syndrome, providing an unparalleled consistency of care for babies.

Sharing Parents’ Passion

As a mother of four and long-time pediatric doctor, Tortle creator, Dr. Jane Scott, knows first-hand the fear that permeates the parenting experience and the need to relieve it anywhere she can. So, as Dr. Jane, parents, and their babies work together to fight Flat Head Syndrome,  the story of Tortle belongs not just to us, but to loving parents everywhere.

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