Tortle Medical

Tortle Medical Division

Providing patients with the care they need and the attention they deserve.

FDA-Cleared, Class-1 Medical Devices

Tortle medical devices provide unparalleled benefits to babiesā€”premature, newborn, infant, or toddlerā€”during that crucial period after birth, as well as throughout the difficult days of intensive care.

Tortle for Hospitals

Support Until They're Happily Grown at Home

The Tortle Positioning System provides safe and precise head positioning for infants, from birth to six months adjusted age, in and out of the hospital. Tortle provides benefits for babies in various circumstances, situations, and environments, including outpatient care facilities and hospitals.

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Providing Crucial, Consistent Care

Tortle provides doctors, nurses, respiratory and physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals with effective tools that promote consistency of care, as well as support and accessibility in dealing with sick and/or critical babies.

Additionally, Tortle medical devices help to support positioning protocols, prevent cranial asymmetry and head preference, and are extremely helpful in supporting neutral positioning, such as supine, midline, side-lying, and prone positions.