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The Tortle Air | Flat Head Syndrome Treatment

Tortle Air For Newborns (Birth-1 Month) $29.99

The Tortle Air For Newborns is ideal for use with your smaller baby during their first month.


The Tortle Air For Newborns is adjustable and features a front opening, so it is easy to put on your baby’s head and adjust for a snug fit.


It may look like just a beanie, but its unique positioning roll will help reposition your baby’s head to avoid the development of flat spots and head preference during your baby’s first weeks.

The Tortle | Baby Head Positioner Hat for Plagiocephaly

Tortle Lucky Elephant (1-6 Months) $39.97

Champion Your Baby’s Health and Beat Flat Head Syndrome


Our new and revolutionary head repositioning beanie is designed to help prevent and eliminate Flat Head Syndrome as your baby grows.


The new Tortle Lucky Elephant has several improvements that make it especially good for infants who already have flat head syndrome. It has a redesigned front opening which makes it easier for you to place it correctly on baby’s head. It also has a slightly larger and contoured roll to better deflect a baby’s head off the flat spot. We’ve also added some ‘silicon dots’ to help prevent slippage!

Tortle Luck Elephant Package Front Side

2-Pack – Lucky Elephants (1-6 Months) $71.97

Twice the Tortle to assure your baby is always protected.


With a second Tortle, your baby is 2x as prepared to fight flat-head syndrome and torticollis.


No time is wasted if your Tortle is in the wash or left somewhere, your baby is back in its Tortle no matter the circumstance.

We want the best for your baby.

Use our download-able fit guide to find the perfect fit