About Torticollis

Torti... whatis??

Torticollis — Understand the effects.

I’m sure you can imagine the feeling of a stiff neck after a night of sleeping on it wrong. That’s similar to the feeling for a baby with Torticollis. Thus, babies who have Torticollis don’t want to turn their heads to a different position because of the discomfort that it causes them. 

In order to correct Torticollis, parents almost always need a referral to a Pediatric Physical Therapist to learn how to stretch the baby’s tight neck muscles correctly. Tortle is able to provide  a gentle, passive stretch to the neck muscle under the guidance of a trained Pediatric PT. This helps to alleviate Torticollis once it has developed.

Know the Torticollis Truth

Torticollis literally means twisted neck in Latin. It refers to unbalanced neck muscles due to the muscles having shortened on one side of the neck. If left untreated, it can require costly treatments down the line.