Tortle FAQ

We are on a mission to give all babies the best chance to have a beautiful, perfectly shaped head.

Tortle is the low-cost, active solution to an epidemic of massive proportions. At its heart, Tortle is a comfortable beanie that helps to prevent or eliminate Flat Head Syndrome and the development of its associated medical problems. 

Beneath the surface, you’ll see Tortle is much more than a beanie. It actually functions as a medical device that provides your baby with constant care, so they have the best chance at the normal health development of their head shape and balance of neck muscles. 

The Tortle is effective and adjustable, helping to actively shape your baby’s head until 6 months as you both go about your day. It can travel with you and the baby!

Today, 50% of babies born in the United States develop Flat Head Syndrome before 3 months of age.

That’s a scary number, we know—and we know that all you want is for your baby to be happy and healthy in your loving home. So don’t let the numbers scare you.

Though it can lead to a variety of conditions and complications, Flat Head Syndrome is preventable, treatable, and extremely common. This is why our founder, Dr. Jane Scott, created the revolutionary Tortle, designing this innovative beanie to not only help babies with Flat Head Syndrome, but to effectively stop this epidemic in its tracks.