2023 AAP National Conference & Exhibition

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MAXimum versatility, benefits, & head support for larger babies at home & in outpatient care facilities.

  • Helps to prevent or correct cranial & neck asymmetry. 
  • Dolichocephaly | Plagiocephaly | Torticollis
  • Helps with positioning for infants with hypotonia, shunted hydrocephalus, etc.

MAXimum Benefits & Features

The Tortle Midliner MAX, when used in an outpatient setting, allows PTs and parents (under PT guidance) to position a baby’s head in midline, partial side lying, side lying, and prone positions. The device is infinitely adjustable and easy to apply, or can allow a baby's head to nest between two boundaries. When medically needed, the Midliner MAX can also hold many other NICU devices.

Product Details

Adjustable, soft beanie designed with two support rolls made of polyurethane foam.

Single layer construction for high breathability and a secure fit. 

95% cotton / 5% lycra and PU foam with high-grade medical fabric that is velcro receptive.

Highly compatible with attachments including: nCPAP, nasal cannulas, feeding tubes, and more. 

Non-toxic tested material.

Hand wash in cool water (can use baby bath and baby soap). Air dry.


The Tortle Midliner MAX is designed for larger infants and can be used in the hospital or at home.

Appropriate for infants whose head circumference is greater than 36 cm.

Small: 36cm to 42cm head circumference | Case #65931 (10 count).

Medium: 42cm to 50cm head circumference | Case #65933 (10 count).

The Many Functions of the Midliner MAX

In Hospital — Helpful support for infants during procedures such as retinal exam, line placements, etc.

It is also very supportive of larger infants requiring ventilator therapy.

Provides boundaries to the head of infants requiring treatment for neonatal abstinence syndrome as well as the chronic child who has developed cranial asymmetry.

At Home — The Midliner MAX is mostly used with babies who have cranial or neck asymmetry, or have conditions such as developmental delays with hypotonia, hydrocephalus, etc., that require good positioning and head support.